Samson – The Arts Desk Review

Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk

Handsomely produced, with outstanding notes and glowing sound, this is a treat.

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Bach’s Multiple Concertos – Edinburgh International Festival – The Arts Desk

David Nice, The Arts Desk

You had to wait for the four to come to the fore – or for one of them, in the case of the Fifth Brandenburg Concerto, where Egarr eventually went wild in his first-movement cadenza. He also charmingly introduced the arrangement of the Italian Concerto as essentially for two players, with the other two “jamming” in a Graingeresque “dishing up”. It was a delight

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Magnificat Recording – The Arts Desk

The Arts Desk

This disc’s academic credentials are impeccable, but my reasons for loving it are purely musical; John Butt’s Bach programme allows us to party as if it was, er, 1723… Essential listening.’

Brandenburg Concertos – The Arts Desk Review

Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk

Butt’s impeccably prepared Bach tastes more like a warming bowl of chocolate.

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