Messiah – Planet Hugill Review


Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

‘A superbly subtle account… the choruses were some of the best sung that I have ever come across in my nearly 50 years of attending Messiah performances.’

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Messiah – BachTrack Review


Benjamin Poore, BachTrack

‘Gutsy and vibrant… a huge ovation for a thrilling performance that gave this staple a vigorous makeover.’

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The Trials of Love

Two tales of love — both tragedies in their own ways — are brought together in this coupling of baroque cantatas. From a woman so lovestruck that she can only find solace in nature, as in Bella madre de’ fiori, to the tragic tale of Daphne, who tries and fails to resist Apollo’s advances and is transformed into a laurel tree, her branches watered forever by his tears. These extraordinary tales of passion and penitence are rendered by Handel and Scarlatti in music of searing intensity, their rapturous obbligato writing by turns, playful, poignant and seductive.