Friends of Dunedin Consort


Mr Richard and Mrs Catherine Burns
Sir Muir and Lady Russell
Jenny Stewart


Prof Michael Anderson and Elspeth MacArthur
Andrew Glass and Linda Craft

and various anonymous donors


William and Elizabeth Berry
Gillian Lindsay
David and Helen Strachan
Susie Thomson
Sir Iain and Lady Torrance
Geoff Waters
Ruth Woodburn

and various anonymous donors


Hamish and Thelma Hamill
Barrie and Janey Lambie
Christine Lessels
Mr and Mrs Lindsay
Kirsteen McCue
Damaris Micklem
Dr Michael and Mrs Nora Radcliffe
Jill Riley
Norman and Margaret Sharp
Thomas and Natalie Usher
Dr Giovanna Vitelli
Don and Lynda Young


Mr Hugh Andrew and Dr Lesley Graham
Peter Armit
Harriet Beckett
Cathy Bell
Angus Bethune
Dale Bilsland
Carol Brodie
Roderick Brodie
Paul Bywaters
David and Ann Caldwell
David Cleiff
Frank Carey and Julie Curran
Thomas and Alison Cunningham
James Curran
Russell Duncan
Dr Elwyn Evans
Alan and Roisin Faichney
Peter France and Sian Reynolds
James and Ann Friend
Moira Frizzell
Louise Gardiner
Caroline Gardner
Maureen Gilchrist
Prof John and Dr Mary Gillies
Mo Grant
Beverley Guild
Faye Hammill and Jonathan Percy
Lorna Harris
Jean Helling
Caroline Higgitt and Roger Robertson
Lady Hope
Sir Russell Hillhouse
Mrs A. S. Hunter
Richard and Heather Inglis
John and Rosemary Innes
Susanna and Andrew Kerr
Susan Kirkbride
Madeleine MacKenzie
Jane McQuater
Marie McQuillan
Juergen Munz
Isabel Nisbet
Alastair Ogilvie
Hilary Patrick
Val Pettit
Dr David Purdie
Dr Peter and Mrs Stephanie Rae
Agnes Robson
Kay Robertson
Hugh Salvesen
Peter and Anna Smaill
Norah Smith
Rosa Somerville
Catriona Stuart
Mr Kenneth Thomson
James Wastle
Margaret West
Alastair Weatherston
Rory Wilson

and various anonymous donors


Jocelyn Blackburn
Mel Cadman
Ruth Callan
Brian and Deborah Charlesworth
John Clifford
Dr Roger Collins and Dr Judith McClure
Gillian and Keith Crosier
Dr John Dale
Janette Dobson
Erica Fudge
Faye Hammill and Jonathan Percy
Prof Jane Hutton
Jo Leighton
Marjory and Ken Lumsden
Ronald MacArthur
Elaine McAdam
Hannah Mills
Lily Musk
Tanya Parker
Dr Elizabeth Rogers
Richard Service
Andrew Short

and various anonymous donors

Chair Sponsors


Sir Muir and Lady Russell

Principal Cello

Christopher and Alison Kelnar

Second Trumpet

Mr Peter and Mrs Juliet Watson

Second Oboe

Mr and Mrs Lindsay

Trust and Foundations

Dunard Fund
Binks Trust
Cockayne Grant for the Arts
Cockagne Foundation
Continuo Foundation
Fidelio Charitable Trust
Forteivot Charitable Trust
Gannochy Trust
Garrick Charitable Trust
Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust
Hope Scott Trust
Idlewild Trust
James T Howat Charitable Trust
Jimmie Cairncross Charitable Trust
Leche Trust
Marchus Trust
Mushroom Trust
Nancie Massey Charitable Trust
Mrs RA Goffin Charitable Trust
Penpont Trust
Plum Trust
PRS for Music Foundation
Russell Trust
RVW Trust
Scottish Early Music Trust
Walter Scott Giving Group

Corporate sponsors