Recording Fund


Our next major recording project is

Dunedin Consort’s recording output has been phenomenally successful and is key to our growth, allowing us to present our performances throughout the world. We now enjoy two Gramophone Awards, three further Gramophone Nominations, one Grammy Award Nomination and three BBC Building a Library Recommendations. Our recordings are now the most decorated in Scotland with no other company having won one Gramophone award, let alone two!

“As an example of what modern baroque practice and top-class musicianship can bring to these hugely familiar works, this set is exceptional.” Andrew Clements, The Guardian

Our recordings are a vitally important way for us to reach a wider audience and expand our artistic reputation. Please help us bring this next exciting venture to fruition. We have just started our fund-raising campaign and need your support to raise the total £32,000 budget.

Once you have filled the optional Gift Aid information below, please fill how you would like us to credit your support or if there is a particular movement you would like to sponsor .

Then click on ‘Support Now’ so we can proceed further. You will then be able to enter your personal details and form of payment.


You can donate towards the recording as a whole or if you prefer, you can specify a particular movement. Below you will find a table with the various targets we have set for each movement.

Deus ad adjutoriumO God come to my assistance****
Domine ad adjuvandumO Lord make haste to help me£700
Dixit DominusThe Lord said****
Nigra sumI am black****
Laudate pueriPraise the Lord, O servants£800
Pulchra esThou art beautiful****
Laetatus sumI was glad£700
Duo SeraphimTwo angels called to one another****
Nisi DominusLest the Lord build a house£800
Audi CoelumHear, O heaven my words****
Lauda JerusalemPraise the Lord, Jerusalem£700
Sancta Maria ora pro nobisHoly Mary, pray for us****
Ave maris stellaHail Star of the sea****
MagnificatMy soul doth magnify the Lord£2,500

**** denotes movements that are no longer available for subscription.