Apollo and Daphne — Seen and Heard Review

The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh
Simon Thompson, 6 April 2019
Seen and Heard International

The fizz and crackle of the orchestral writing could only have come from a young genius on the make, and that jumped out of this Dunedin Consort performance, playfully directed from the harpsichord by an exuberant John Butt. The band of players was small (three first and three second violins, two violas and cellos, one bass, with winds) which led to transparent textures and an airy feel. Furthermore, the musical energy of the classical story was buoyed along by some gorgeous obbligati, none more sensuous than the gorgeous flute that accompanied Daphne’s first aria.

The singers [Matthew Brook, bass and Rowan Pierce, soprano] were perfectly chosen, both for their musical strength and their dramatic sensibilities. 

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