Ich habe genug – The Guardian Review


Erica Jeal, The Guardian

“Brook’s performance, with its moments of vocal vulnerability mixed up in the beauty of it all, has an immediacy that gets to the work’s essence… a seriously uplifting recording'”

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Ich habe genug – The Times review


Geoff Brown, The Times

“The most touching Bach album you’ll hear this year… Butt’s intimate forces ensure winning clarity and immediate impact.”

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Ich habe genug – The Scotsman Review


Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman

“Nothing short of perfection…. A truly moving and beautiful disc.”

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Samson – Los Excepcionales – Scherzo

We are delighted that our latest release, Handel’s Samson, has been listed as a highly recommended recording in Scherzo magazine for March 2020.

Samson – Scherzo Review

Eduardo Torrico, Scherzo

John Butt gathers a glittering vocal cast … the orchestra is dazzling, as usual in the case of the Dunedin Consort.

Read the full review in the March issue of Scherzo.

Samson – Choir & Organ Review

Philip Reed, Choir & Organ


Together with outstanding orchestral playing…, this complete recording of Handel’s first version of Samson is highly recommended.

Read the full review in the February edition of Choir & Organ magazine.

Samson – All Music Review

James Manheim, All Music

The momentum holds up over the entire long version: the album is well recorded by Linn… this is both an important and an enjoyable Handel recording.

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Samson – Early Music Review

David Hansell, Early Music Review

This release is unlikely to be surpassed – or even competed with – for some time.

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Samson – ConcertoNet Review

Sébastien Gauthier, ConcertoNet

A version that nevertheless appeals to the listener in many ways… Joshua Ellicot is excellent!

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Samson – The Daily Mail Review

Brian Viner, The Daily Mail

This is the best we have yet had from John Butt and his Dunedin Consort of Edinburgh… both singing and playing are first-rate.

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Samson – ResMusica Review

Pierre Degott, ResMusica

This new version could well be placed at the top of the discography… a new milestone in the Handelian discography.

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Samson – Record of the Month – BBC Music Magazine

Berta Joncus, BBC Music Magazine

Performance ★★★★★

Recording ★★★★★

John Butt has created the best Samson ever.

Read the full review in the December issue of BBC Music Magazine.

Samson – Best of 2019 CD Picks – Planet Hugill

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

2019 seemed a year for scholarship and rarity in recordings… John Butt and the Dunedin Consort recorded every note of Handel’s Samson as the composer originally wrote it…

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Samson – The Scotsman Review

Ken Walton, The Scotsman


This is another John Butt spectacular, the ensemble’s effervescent director eliciting a performance that captures the emotion of Handel’s exceptional writing…

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Samson – Editor’s Choice – Gramophone

Martin Cullingford, Gramophone

John Butt really does excel at these explorations of monumental major works; the performance is wonderful, while the level of historical and musical enquiry further enriches our appreciation.