Love, infatuation and desperation: The Trials of Love

Ahead of our upcoming The Trials of Love concerts, we caught up with our soprano soloist Anna Dennis who joins Dunedin Consort for Handel’s Apollo e Dafne and Scarlatti’s Bella madre de’ fiori

What are you looking forward to the most in this concert? 

I’m really looking forward to singing with Matthew Brook again, particularly in a piece that requires such vivid characterisation. 

Is there anything particular the audience should listen out for?

In the Scarlatti cantata there are some moments of meltingly beautiful suspensions between violin and voice where harmonic tension is built up, sustained  and then relieved — I always enjoy the potential to colour these gestures in response to the instrumental sound and the particular impulse of the moment.

What are the challenges of singing in Italian? 

For singers it is probably the most familiar language to sing in and its clean, unmangled vowels make it the easiest I think — in contrast to French or Russian for example.

Join Dunedin Consort for The Trials of Love at

St Machar’s Cathedral, Aberdeen — Thursday 24 February, 7:30pm
Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh— Friday 25 February, 7:30pm
Wigmore Hall, London — Saturday 26 February, 7:30pm