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Matthew Passion – The Times Review

★★★★★ Simon Thompson, The Times ‘The quality of musicianship combined with depths of communicative insight to make this a Matthew Passion that cut straight to the heart… every line of Bach’s counterpoint was so clear you could almost touch it.’ Read the full review here.

Ich habe genug – Scherzo Review

Mariano Acero Ruilópez, Scherzo “An album of extraordinary quality … Butt is, without a doubt, not only a great musicologist, but also one of the best Bachian conductors of the moment.” Read the full review in the January 2022 edition of Scherzo.

Messiah – Planet Hugill Review

★★★★★ Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill ‘A superbly subtle account… the choruses were some of the best sung that I have ever come across in my nearly 50 years of attending Messiah performances.’ Read the full review here.

Ich habe genug – Gramophone Review

David Vickers, Gramophone ‘Every element in Ich habe genug feels just right – the compassionate tension of the soft strings’ lullaby motion, Alexandra Bellamy’s soulful oboe, tenderly realised keyboard continuo playing and cathartic fulfilment of divine promise in Matthew Brook’s endearing truthfulness.’  Read the full review in the December 2021 edition of Gramophone.